Most of my work is available to purchase and I am also very happy to discuss individual commissions to order. All pieces are unique.

blue pear: rectangular serving dish 32 birds on the wire....
pearsmall Llove birdlove bird2
faces_smirk_smaller angels
Secret  smile (bowl) 
Angels 20 each
facerussettsmaller pansybowl

russett lady (small bowl)

pansy bowl 
130  SOLD
flower plate

Post &Toast: Whales, fishes, boat. With Gold Lustre 

Gallery - suzanne vase
Tea & Oranges - Suzanne peony vase
Flat fish (spoon rest /soap platter) 
wings-of-desire-vases Pansyvase5smallest

Wings of desire (vases) 
100 each 1 SOLD

pansy vase 85 SOLD

FISH_PLATTERtiny glory

fish platter 

Glory 100
private collector

   slip ware rose plate 20

fish platter 28

fish mobile 3-sunflowers

Fish mobile 150
individual fish 10 each

   Sunflower plates from 25 - 48         

Contact me on: 01306 627451 
                       07736 528079

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